Terms and Conditions


All persons engaging in residential estate agency work in the UK are required by law to belong to an officially approved Property Redress Scheme. RJ Country Homes Ltd is a member of PRS (Property Redress Scheme) and follows the PRS code of practice. The client agrees that the Agent may give information about the sale of the client’s property to PRS, if the client has registered a complaint and he asks for that information. The client also agrees that the agent may give the client’s contact details to PRS (if they ask for it) to help them monitor how the Agent is following the Code of Practice. A copy of the Code of Practice and Consumer Guide is available from www.theprs.co.uk.


We are registered under the Data Protection act 1998. We will use the information provided by you to provide the services requested and take reasonable care to prevent any unauthorised access to or use of your personal data.


RJ Country Homes is not responsible for the maintenance, management, and repair or insurance of any property. It is your responsibility to ensure that where the property is unoccupied, it is secured and maintained against risks such as frost damage, flooding, gas leakage etc. Also, we recommend that you check with your insurers to make sure that if the property is vacant this does not affect your property cover.

If an associate of the Agent carries out accompanied viewings on the vendors’ behalf neither the agent nor the Associate can accept liability or responsibility for any lost/stolen items or any damage to the property whatsoever. Block viewings may be carried out and we strongly recommend that all valuable items be removed from the property prior to viewings commencing.


For Sale boards are an important marketing tool and will remain the property of the agent. Please note the seller is not entitled to make a claim if there is any damage to the property or land due to erecting a sign.


A valid Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) is required for all properties offered for sale and is valid for ten years. The EPC must at least be commissioned before marketing commences and should be in place within 14 days. Please note: If it is not in place within 28 days then the property must be withdrawn from the market until the EPC is available.


It is a legal requirement that your property is presented accurately and not in a way that could be misleading to potential buyers. You therefore agree to check the sales, marketing and advertising description and to notify the Agent immediately if there are any inaccuracies. By signing this agreement you also confirm any information provided by you is true and supply documentary evidence to substantiate any claims made. We reserve the right to start marketing with draft.


We retain the copyright to all advertising material used to market the property and reserve the right to use it for marketing initiatives following completion.


If any individuals or parties have shown interest in purchasing the property prior to this agreement, privately or through another agent we will generally be entitled to our fees if we ‘introduce’ the buyers either directly or indirectly,
e.g. after seeing a for sale board or identifying the property from published information. To avoid future disputes, it is therefore important that you tell us now. Even if you declare an ‘interested party’ it may be that the party has since lost interest. If we can revive that interest, we will nevertheless be entitled to commission if it transpires we were the ‘effective cause of sale’.


The commission fee will be earned by us if we introduce, directly or indirectly a person who contracts to purchase the property during the period of the contract. The Agent has a specific entitlement to a fee if; The property is sold to a family member; One of the owners buys another owner share (e.g. as part of a separation agreement); The property is sold to a Property Developer; The property is part exchanged; The property is sold at auction or repossessed; The Agent finds a Ready, Willing and Able Buyer and the seller withdraws for any reason.

We will have a commission fee entitlement if you terminate our agreement and then sell your property to a buyer introduced by us within six months of the date our agreement ends. However, we give up that right to a commission if a buyer introduced by us goes on to buy the property through another Estate Agent, where the buyer is introduced to you by the other Estate Agent more than six months after our agreement ended. If no other Estate Agent is involved, this time limit will not apply.


RJ Country Homes requires a £1,000.00 deposit payable prior to issuing the Memorandum of Sale. This will be reimbursed at the point of completion. If you decide to withdraw from the purchase this deposit may not be reimbursed and the deposit collected either in part or in full and retained by RJ Country Homes to cover administration and re-marketing costs of the property.

N.B. If structural defects are found during surveys of the property, there is a defective legal title, information gathered by usual searches affects the value of the property and you withdraw from the purchase, or if the vendors withdraw from the sale you will be reimbursed in full for the deposit paid.


Please remember if you have instructed another Agent to sell your property on a sole agency/sole selling rights basis, you may be liable to pay their fee as well as ours. Please also remember that if a multiple agency arises you may be liable to pay a higher fee and another fee.


Our fees, together with any additional costs agreed, must be discharged without deductions by the solicitor or conveyancer on or immediately after the date set for completion of the sale and by signing this agreement you hereby irrevocably authorise the solicitor or conveyancer to do so.

Please note: All invoices are to be paid within 7 days. Interest will also be added at a rate of 3% pa, monthly compound above Clearing Bank base rate from the date of completion. Any legal fees associated with recovery of debts owing will also be payable.


If the agreement is terminated prior to term but the property is not withdrawn from the market completely for a consecutive period of at least three months, then the agreement shall recommence for the full period from the date of remarketing. Please note that if a multiple agency arises you may be liable to pay a higher fee and another fee.